• Li Enping
    Li Enping

    Li Enping, male, was born in September 1974 in Boyang County of Jiangxi Province. He serves as Director, research fellow and a PhD in economics in the Urban Economy Research Office of the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies at CASS.

  • Lu Yang
    Lu Yang

    Lu Yang, PhD in economics, is an associate research fellow and master supervisor of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at CASS. Main research field is macro-economics.

  • Qiu Aijun
    Qiu Aijun

    Qiu Aijun, PhD in economics, associate research fellow, Deputy Director of the Urban and Small Town Center of the National Development and Reform Commission. He also worked for the Small Town Center of the Economic System Reform Office of the State Council, and engaged in the research of policies in such fields as urbanization, small town development and urban management for a long time.

  • Qu Xiaobo
    Qu Xiaobo

    Qu Xiaobo, associate research fellow of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics, CASS, master's supervisor, PhD in Economic, has published many academic papers on domestic and foreign journals.His research fields involve Labor migration, income inequality, human capital return, labor market system and system reform.