• Cheng Jie
    Cheng Jie

    Cheng Jie, is an assistant research fellow of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at CASS, and a PhD in Economics. His main research field is labor employment.

  • Cheng Lian
    Cheng Lian

    Cheng Lian, PhD in Economics, is an assistant research fellow of the Institute of Finance and Banking at CASS, deputy director of the Financial Policy Research Center, and deputy chief editor of the Chinese Review of Financial Studies.

  • He Haifeng
    He Haifeng

    He Haifeng, PhD in economics and an assistant research fellow, is the Director of Institute of Financial Policy at CASS. In 2010, he held a concurrent post of the Deputy Secretary-general of Lujiazui Institute of CASS. His main research fields include financial policies and financial product innovation.

  • Hu Zhihao
    Hu Zhihao

    Hu Zhihao, male, was born in Hunan Province in November 1977. He is a PhD in economics and assistant research fellow. His research fields include international finance and international economy.