• Li Chunling
    Li Chunling

    Li Chunling serves as a research fellow and PhD candidate supervisor of the Institute of Sociology of CASS, Director of the Juveniles and Social Issues Research Office at CASS, deputy chief editor of Youth Studies, Deputy Director and research fellow of the Center for Survey and Research of China’s National Conditions, CASS, Secretary-general of the Research Committee on Social Stratification and Mobility, Chinese Sociological Association.

  • Liang Benfan
    Liang Benfan

    Liang Benfan, male, born in 1963. He serves as a research fellow of Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies at CASS, Director of the Joint Research Center for Global Low Carbon City, professor of the Graduate School of CASS, research fellow of the Urban Planning Institute of CASS (Beijing), Director of the Chinese Society for Urban Studies, Director of the China Society of Urban Economics.

  • Liu Yuzhao
    Liu Yuzhao

    Liu Yuzhao (male), Professor, PhD (Peking University). Major: sociology. Main research directions are economic sociology and organizational sociology. Main research fields include: industrialization and development of township enterprises, grassroots-level election, migrants and new urban immigrants, and Taiwanese businessmen in the Chinese mainland.

  • Ni Pengfei
    Ni Pengfei

    Ni Pengfei, male, born in 1964 in Fuyang City of Anhui Province. He works as Director of the Center for City and Competitiveness, CASS, Assistant to the President of the National Academy of Economic Strategy, CASS, Director of the Urban and Real Estate Economic Research Office, research fellow and PhD candidate supervisor.