• Zhang Bin
    Zhang Bin

    Zhang Bin graduated from the School of Finance of China Renmin University, receiving a PhD in economics. Currently, he acts as a Research Fellow of the National Academy of Economic Strategy of CASS, Director of the Tax Research Room, Chief Expert of the Fiscal and Taxation Policy Simulation and Evaluation Laboratory of CASS, and Secretary-General of the Fiscal and Taxation Research Center of CASS.

  • Zhang Haidong
    Zhang Haidong

    Zhang Haidong, Professor, PhD. Research fields: social quality research, social inequality research.

  • Li Wei
    Li Wei

    Li Wei is now Director and an associate research fellow of the Center for Sociological Research and Development Studies of China under the Institute of Sociology at CASS. In 1999, he graduated from the Department of Sociology of the Graduate School of CASS and received his doctorate in law.

  • Guo Rong
    Guo Rong

    Guo Rong is the Director of the Institute of Science & Technology Investment at Chinese Academy of Science & technology for Development, and also a professor and assistant research fellow. His main research fields include combining Science & Technology with finance, supporting S&T-based (industrialized) financial policies and tools, venture capital investment, and S&T input.