• Yao Zhanqi
    Yao Zhanqi

    Yao Zhanqi, PhD in Economics, Deputy Director of the Research Office for Service Economy of the Institute of Finance and Trade Economy of CASS, Research Fellow, Master’s Supervisor.

  • Yin Feng
    Yin Feng

    Yin Feng (female), Professor, director of the Research Center for the Chinese Service Economy of Shanghai University, and vice-director-level member of the Expert Committee of the China Association of Trade in Services.

  • Zhang Tao
    Zhang Tao

    Zhang Tao, PhD in economics, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of the Economic Model Room of the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics CASS, Director of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics, and member of the Academic Committee of the Pangoal Institution.

  • Ji Weimin
    Ji Weimin

    Ji Weimin, member of the Academy Affairs Committee and Director of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy, Deputy Director-general, Secretary-General and Researcher of the Research Center for Youth, Humanity and Social Sciences at CASS, member of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, Director-general of the Committee on Sociology of Youth, China Sociological Association, Managing Director of the 3rd China Youth & Children Research Association, Director of the Chinese Young Volunteers Association, and Managing Director of Beijing Youth Research Association.