• Nie Wei
    Nie Wei

    Nie Wei, male, is Deputy Executive Director of the Humanities & Social Sciences Office of Shanghai University and Deputy Director of the School of Film and TV Art & Technology, Shanghai University.

  • Nie Yongyou
    Nie Yongyou

    Nie Yongyou, Professor, Executive Vice President of the School of Economics of Shanghai University, Director of the Government Efficiency Research Center of Shanghai University. His main research fields are industrial economy, and resources and environmental economy.

  • Wang Meiyan
    Wang Meiyan

    Wang Meiyan, research fellow of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Doctoral Supervisor, PhD in economics.

  • Yang Tao
    Yang Tao

    Yang Tao, born in 1974 in Zibo, Shandong Province, is a Research Fellow and doctoral supervisor. He is qualified as a Chinese lawyer and certified public accountant. Currently, he acts as Assistant to the Director of the Institute of Finance and Banking of CASS, Director of the Industrial Finance Research Base of CASS, and Director of the Payment and Settlement Research Center of The Institute of Finance and Banking of CASS.