• Pei Changhong
    Pei Changhong

    Pei Changhong, male, born on May 15, 1954, is a native of Minhou, Fujian Province, a member of the CPC, PhD in economics, research fellow and doctoral supervisor. Currently, he acts as Director of the Institute of Economics and Secretary of the Party Committee of CASS. Pei is a delegate of the 12th CPPCC, and a highly regarded economist.

  • Chen Xingcan
    Chen Xingcan

    Chen Xingcan, a male of Han ethnicity, was born in Changge County of Henan Province in 1964. He graduated from the Department of Anthropology at Sun Yat-sen University in 1985, where he majored in Archeology. After graduating from the Institute of Archeology at CASS in 1991 he received his PhD degree.

  • Xia Jiechang
    Xia Jiechang

    Xia Jiechang was born in Xinning County of Hunan Province in March 1964 and is a PhD in Economics, Researcher Fellow, and an expert enjoying a Special Allowance of the State Council.

  • Du Yang
    Du Yang

    Du Yang is now a research fellow and assistant to the Director of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at CASS, a professor and doctoral supervisor of CASS, and Director of Labor and Employment Research Office.