• Qu Yue
    Qu Yue

    Qu Yue, associate research fellow of the Institute of Population and Labour Economics of CASS, Master’s Supervisor, PHD in economics. His research directions are labor economics and industry economics.

  • Shi Bihua
    Shi Bihua

    Shi Bihua graduated from China Renmin University in 2002, and received his doctorate in economics. From 2002 to 2004, he was a postdoctor of the Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS; and since January 2005, he has worked for the institute. Main research field: regional economy

  • Sun Xiulin
    Sun Xiulin

    Sun Xiulin, Associate Professor, Doctor. Main research fields and research expertise: contemporary village governance and performance analysis in China, organizational sociological analysis, research for contemporary history of Chinese rural economy and society

  • Xu Yiguo
    Xu Yiguo

    Xu Yiguo, PhD in economics, is a graduate of China Renmin University and the Graduate School of CASS. He acts as Deputy Director of the Institute of Financial Policy of CASS, research fellow of the Institute of Finance and Banking of CASS, Director of the Academic Exchange Center, Deputy Director of the Corporate Finance Research Office, Deputy Dean of the Finance Department of the Graduate School of CASS, and MBA and MF Supervisor.