Wang Wei


Wang Wei, male, Han ethnicity, born in Changchun in 1954. From February 1970 to January 1972, he went down to the countryside in Anxian County, Jilin Province. From February 1972 to December 1976, he worked as a fitter and later as Vice Chairman of the Worker Union Committee in Changchun Boiler Factory. Between January 1977 and February 1978, he acted as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Lvyuan Commune Committee in Changchun. In 1974, he joined the CPC. In March 1978, he was admitted to the archaeological major of the History Department of Jilin University.  After graduating in 1982, he joined the Institute of Archaeology of CASS, and participated in the excavation of the Western Zhou townsite and graveyard in Liulihe, Fangshan District, Beijing. From 1987 to 1990, he was assigned to study Japanese archaeology in the Archaeological Institute of Kashihara in Nara prefecture and at Ibaraki University. In January 1995, he received a doctorate in literature (culture) in Kyushu University with his monograph published in Japan, Yamataikoku and Japanese Regime from the Respective of China. Between April 1995 and March 1996, he served as a visiting scholar in the Literature Department of Waseda University, and wrote his second doctoral dissertation, entitled Communication and Exchange of Ancient Ironware and Iron Smelting in East Asia. In July 1996, he received his doctorate from the Graduate School of CASS, becoming China’s first archaeologist holding both Chinese and Japanese doctorates. Wang Wei was promoted to be assistant research fellow in 1992 and Research Fellow in 1997. In 1999, he was rated as an expert with outstanding contributions to CASS and Doctoral Supervisor, and began enjoying a special government allowance. Wang Wei was awarded as a corresponding academician by Deutsches Archäologisches Institut in 2001, and lifetime foreign academician by American Archaeological Society in 2006. In 2011, he was elected as a Member of CASS. In February 2013, he was rated as a deputy to the 12th NPC. He is the only archaeologist among the nearly 3,000 deputies to the 12th NPC, as well as CASS’ second only archaeologist rated as a deputy to the NPC, subsequent to Mr. Xia Jinai. 

Main positions and part-time social positions:     

In August 1996, acted as Director of Xia-Shang-Zhou Archaeological Research Room of the Institute of Archaeology. 

In June 1998, acted as Deputy Head of the Institute of Archaeology and concurrently, Chief Editor of Archaeology, Director of the Archaeology Department of the Graduate School of CASS. 

Since 2005, has acted as Executive Member of the Professor Committee of the Graduate School of CASS (Director of the Division of History), Member of the Academic Degrees Committee of CASS. 

Since July 2006, has acted as Head of the Institute of Archaeology. 

Main social positions include membership of the fifth and sixth Discipline Review Group for History of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council (each review group is composed of a total of 15 historical and archaeological scholars from nationwide universities and research institutions, Wang Wei is the only archaeologist in the sixth Discipline Review Group for History), President of the Chinese Society of Archaeology, former Vice President of the China Society of Yin-Shang Civilization. He has been successively hired as specially-appointed professor, guest professor or guest researcher. He also serves as a reviewer of the Asian Society of History (Managing Director).