Liang Benfan


Liang Benfan, male, born in 1963. He serves as a research fellow of Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies at CASS, Director of the Joint Research Center for Global Low Carbon City, professor of the Graduate School of CASS, research fellow of the Urban Planning Institute of CASS (Beijing), Director of the Chinese Society for Urban Studies, Director of the China Society of Urban Economics. Liang also worked as a Director of the Institute for Urban Planning, Director of the Institute for Social and Environmental Studies, and Director of the Human Settlements and Environment Division. He studied in Germany and India successively. Since working as a research fellow in 2002, he has chaired 13 scientific research projects. Eight projects won prizes for achievements in scientific research, including two ministerial-level first prizes for excellent achievements, one ministerial-level third prize, one bureau-level first prize for excellent achievement, one bureau-level second prize for excellent achievement, two state-level academic group prizes for excellent achievement, one provincial-level academic group prize for excellent achievement, and three prizes for achievement in scientific research approved by leaders at ministerial-level. He has submitted one special report of the State Council and two internal reports of Ministry of Land and Resources. He has published two monographs and edited 24 research reports, and one key teaching material of CASS. Moreover, he has also officially published more than 20 papers. Since 2007, he has served as executive head of the “Land Policy in the Macro-control” Research Group of the Rolling Scientific Research Project supported by the Ministry of Land and Resources, and presided over the R&D of the “China Land Index”, and “New Methods for Evaluation of Urban Core Competitiveness”. His research findings demonstrate great originality in the field of theory, method and countermeasures and provide a valuable reference for central government, local urban and public decision makers.