Contributions Solicited on "Shanghai Experience to Commemorate the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up"
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The March 17, 2017 announcement by Shanghai Academy calling for contributions to its first think tank series has evoked wide attention from domestic and foreign experts and scholars, teachers and students of colleges and universities, and well-known practitioners from a variety of industries. In less than a month, we received nearly 100 excellent contributions. We are now reading them with utmost esteem and thanks for your considerable support to Shanghai Academy. In response to the request of some contributors, acceptance of contributions will be extended to June 30, 2017, in order to ensure ample writing time and the best quality. Your contributions are very welcome.

Shanghai Academy is a new type think tank created by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It is committed to becoming a high-end think tank, a high-end talent training base, a high-end platform for international exchanges and cooperation, and a high-end national situation investigation base. Shanghai Academy solicits contributions to its first think tank series commemorating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, to sum up relevant experience in Shanghai development and to make contribution to the future development of Shanghai and China’s economic transformation and upgrading. 

I. The theme of this activity is "Shanghai Experience to Commemorate the 40 Years of Reform and Opening up". Below are 10 optional topics (you are required to choose one of them):

1. Supply side reform

2. Smart city construction

3. Sponge city exploration

4. Urban governance

5. Cultural renewal

6. Equalization of basic public services

7. Urban and rural integration

8. Think tank construction

9. Spearhead the rise of Yangtze River Delta city cluster

10. Global city construction

II. Requirements on contributions:

1. You are free to write about any topics you like as long as they are in line with the theme and topic direction as required.

2. Contributions must be unpublished new works. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

3. Contributions must feature a clear point of view and logical thinking, standard wording, sufficient evidence and a strong spirit of innovation;

4. Each contribution must be of at least 10,000 words.

III. Target

Domestic and foreign experts and scholars in various fields, graduate students from colleges, universities and research institutes, outstanding practitioners in all industries. Contributors are required to provide a brief introduction, contact information, addresses, zip codes and e-mail addresses.

IV. Deadline:

June 30, 2017 

V. Submission methods (optional):

1. If it is an electronic version, its subject shall be written in the format of "topic direction + employer+ name" and emailed to

2. If it is a hardcopy, please mail it to Room 321, Shanghai Academy, Beida Building, No. 149, Yanchang Road, Jingan District, Shanghai.   

VI. Awards

The result shall be based on the review and assessment of Shanghai Academy and winners are eligible for the following awards:

1. High contribution fee;

2. Certificate of honor;

3. Opportunities for internships or part-time jobs if appropriate

VII. Contact information

Contact: Ms Chen Wenyan

Telephone: 021—56331151,18818239827

Address: Room 321, Shanghai Academy, Beida Building, No. 149 Yanchang Road, Jingan District, Shanghai  

Postcode: 200072

Official website:

Winners (the first authors) will be notified of review and assessment results by telephone, website notice and via our WeChat official account, and will receive contribution fees and certificates of award in a timely manner.


                          Shanghai Academy

April 14, 2017