1st Think Tank Lecture of Shanghai Academy——Opportunities and Challenges:China-US Relationship in the New Situations
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Time: 13:30, March 7, 2017

Venue: Shanghai Hall, 3/F, China Financial Information Center (No.18, Dongyuan Road, Lujiazui,Pudong District, Shanghai)


Introduction to Shanghai Academy Forum

Shanghai Academy is a research institute jointly founded by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Centering on the major theories and practical issues arising from China’s reform, it aims to serve China’s reform and Shanghai’s innovation and develop into a high-end think tank with global influence and reputation.

In 2017, Shanghai Academy will launch a series of activities themed “Shanghai Academy Forum” with China Financial Information Center as the base. As a high-end think tank brand and a think tank communication platform that Shanghai Academy works to build, Shanghai Academy Forum is aimed to deeply implement the State-level requirements on think tank construction, pool wisdom from various sources, and promote the fast development of high-end think tanks. Shanghai Academy Forum will regularly invite experts and scholars from high-end think tanks at home as guest speakers, to spread research results of think tanks and serve economic and social construction. Contents of lectures will cover knowledge in various fields including economy, politics, culture, science & technology, sociology, and international affairs. Meanwhile, Shanghai Academy Forum will also be opened to the public via online live broadcast, WeChat and other platforms, so as to promote dissemination of knowledge, think tank sharing, and public participation.

Guest speaker


Yang Jiemian

PhD, former president of the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) (2007-2013), present Director of the Academic Committee of the SIIS and Counselor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. On a part-time basis, he is member of the Foreign Policy Advisory Group, member of the expert panel of the National Social Science Foundation, assessment expert for the social science projects of the Ministry of Education, Vice President of the Chinese Association of American Studies, President of the Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, President of the Shanghai International Strategy Research Society, member of Sino-Russia Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development, director of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, and director of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs. He was once granted the “Advanced Doctor Award” by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, a special allowance by the State Council, and honored as the “Outstanding Professional in Shanghai”. He has chaired many major social science projects at both the State and municipal level. Specialized in international systems and big power relations, he has published 20-plus books independently or in cooperation with others, and papers with more than one million words, and been honored several times with awards at the municipal level for excellent social science books and papers.


13:30-14:00 Sign-in

14:00-14:15 Welcome speech

14:15-15:45 Opportunities and Challenges: Sino-US Relationship amid the New Situations

15:45-16:00 Q&A

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