【Key Reference Special Issue 15, No. 119, 2018】Alert for Impact of Trade War on China-US Cultural Exchange
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This issue of Key Reference Special publishes an article entitled Alert for Impact of Trade War on China-US Cultural Exchange. The article points out that, as the Sino-US trade war is growing increasingly fierce, the long-standing "China Infiltration Theory" in the US is likely to make Sino-US cultural exchanges a casualty of the trade war. This may be reflected in interfering in the normal personnel exchanges in technical cooperation between China and the US, tightening student and immigrant visas to China, hindering the operation and normal personnel exchanges of the Confucius institute in the US, and putting obstacles for Chinese journalists to visit the US. In response, efforts should be made to calmly handle the Trump administration’s negative impact on the Sino-US cultural exchanges, do a good job in the work of the Sino-US cultural exchanges, and adopt powerful countermeasures to the corresponding American personnel at right time, without oversetting our overall plan for the trade war.