Shanghai Philanthropy Forum Focuses on “Internet · Innovative Philanthropic Services”
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On the eve of “Chinese Charity Day”, Shanghai Philanthropy Forum was held at Shanghai Hall on the third floor of China Finance Information Center, on September 5, 2018. The forum was themed “Internet · Innovative Philanthropic Services—Integrated Philanthropy Action on the Yangtze River Delta”. Leaders from philanthropic organizations and representatives of those engaged in public welfare in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui Province, and Shanghai at the Yangtze River Delta attended the forum and exchanged views on the past, present, and future of the Yangtze River Delta’s philanthropy development. Modern Philanthropy Frontier Series——Ten Hot Spots of Philanthropy in the New Era and the 2018 Internet Philanthropy Report were released, and the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Philanthropy Interactive Platform was announced at the event.


  Li Peilin

Zheng Bingwen, Director of Modern Charity Research Center of Shanghai Academy, announced the opening of the forum. Professor Li Peilin, Deputy Director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and President of Shanghai Academy, and Mei Zhe, Deputy Director of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, addressed the forum successively.

Feng Guoqin, President of Shanghai Charity Foundation, delivered a keynote speech. Feng said, the global philanthropy development faced four new trends, including the flat development of philanthropy; the increasingly diversified philanthropy innovation; horizontal collaboration and cross-border cooperation becoming an effective operation mode; and the trend of professionalism, efficiency, standardization, and transparency. Feng also briefed the reforms, innovations and explorations of Shanghai Charity Foundation in recent years, as well as its vision for the future. In recent years Shanghai Charity Foundation has actively forged excellent charity brands, adjusted and optimized its organizational structure and system, and innovated new charitable solicitation modes, to push forward cross-border, cross-sector, and cross-regional cooperation, and continuously deepened its exploration in “Internet+philanthropy”. Feng expressed that the new normal of China’s development brought new challenges to China’s charity circle. In the future, Shanghai Charity Foundation will have a new breakthrough in the conceptual, innovative, practical, and result levels.

During the forum, Shanghai Charity Foundation, Jiangsu Charity Society, Zhejiang Charity Society, and Anhui Charity Society signed a memorandum on the charity cooperation mechanism, and announced the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Philanthropy Interactive Platform. Reportedly, the charity foundation and charity societies of the three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai Academy, and China Global Philanthropy Institute promoted the establishment of the integrated charity cooperation mechanism on the Yangtze River Delta, and reached a consensus on the basis of the common goals of social philanthropy development in combination with the professional advantages of their platforms.


Zhao Kebin

In his keynote speech, Wang Zhenyao, President of China Global Philanthropy Institute, delivered a speech themed “The World is at a Stage of Economics of Good, Human Civilization is in a Period of Comprehensive Convergence”; and Soichiro Fukutake, Honorary Advisor, former chairman and CEO of Benesse Holdings, also delivered a keynote speech themed “Using Modern Art to Activate Countryside”. Geng Ming, Deputy Representative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation China Office, through multiple examples, introduced and shared the worldwide charitable project experience of the foundation.

In the results release part, Zheng Bingwen, Director of Modern Charity Research Center, Shanghai Academy, released the Modern Philanthropy Frontier Series—— Ten Hot Spots of Philanthropy in the New Era; Yin Ting, Vice President of, released the 2018 Internet Philanthropy Report. Yin said, “Tencent 9.9 Charity Day” activities in 2017 mobilized a total of 12.68 million people and donated RMB 829.9 million, showing a significant growth over the previous two years in both participant number and donations.

The afternoon session was divided into two units, including “Internet + Philanthropy” and “Innovative Philanthropic Services”. Shi Derong, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Qian Zhe, Executive Director of Zhejiang Mithril Investment Management Co., Ltd., Huang Haoming, Vice President of China Global Philanthropy Institute,  Shi Ce, Secretary-General of Micro Foundation of Beijing, Qiu Zhonghui, President and Secretary-General of the Amity Foundation, Tu Meng, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Transfar Foundation, and Qiao Qian, President of JianKun Charitable Foundation, respectively delivered keynote speeches themed on “Donor Advised Fund—Innovate Philanthropy Operation Mechanism”, “Impact Investment Facilitates Sustainable Development of Philanthropy”, “Credit, Empowering the Public Welfare”, “Show Great Energies with Micro Loves”, “Build a Platform for Everyone to Participate in Public Good”, “Gather the Power of Love to Create Public Value”, and “Charity: a Carrier of Wealth and Cultural Heritage”, and also shared their experience. Wen Xueguo, President of Shanghai University Law School, summarized the whole forum and brought the 2018 Shanghai Philanthropy Forum to a successful conclusion. The forum was co-sponsored by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, Shanghai Charity Foundation, Modern Charity Research Center of Shanghai Academy, China Global Philanthropy Institute, and Wen Wei Po, and co-organized by Jiangxi Social Sciences Magazine. More than 300 people including Chen Tiedi, Honorary President of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Chen Jiayuan, President of Zhejiang Charity Society, Jiang Hongkun, President of Jiangsu Charity Society, Wu Xujun, President of Anhui Charity Society, Qu Xinping, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Social Work Committee, Li Youmei, First Vice President of the Shanghai Academy, Xie Lingli, Fang Guoping, Shi Nanchang and Yao Zongqiang, Vice Presidents of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, Lin Pan, Deputy Director the Research Division of Shanghai Academy, Li Qing, Deputy Director of the Administration Division of Shanghai Academy, as well as other leaders, guests, and enterprise representatives and individuals attended the meeting.