【Key Reference Issue 12, No. 116, 2018】Seven Urgent Difficulties, Pain Points, and Plugging Points Need to Be Solved in Shanghai's Business Environment
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This issue of Key Reference publishes an article entitled Scientific Advance of World-Class Ecological Development in Chongming. Based on the enterprise survey conducted by the joint research team of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China Private-Owner Business Association in March 2018 in Shanghai, the article reveals that the development of small and medium enterprises in Shanghai more or less face such issues as policy inconsistency, lack of flexibility in department management, relaxed law enforcement and supervision, claims from privileged intermediaries, sharp increase of labor costs, high access threshold of some industries and difficulties in Party building work in enterprises. To solve the difficulties, improve the pain points and clear the blocking points, the article puts forward the following suggestions. First, deepen the work of streamlining administration and delegating power, and maintain the existing policy stability; second, give full play to the role of the association as a bridge and strengthen the Party's functions; third, improve local policies and regulations and reduce the administrative approval and access threshold; fourth, further simplify the work process and refuse privileged intermediaries; and fifth, guide enterprises to control the labor costs and lower the talent introduction threshold.