"100-city, 100-county and 100-enterprise" Symposium: Brainstorming and Sharing Talks on the 40-year Reform and Opening-up of Huangpu District
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In response to the circular of the Publicity Department of the Shanghai CPC Committee on implementing the CPC Central Committee’s requirements on conducting the "100-city, 100-county and 100-enterprise" survey activity in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Reform  and Opening Up, Shanghai Academy held a workshop jointly with the Publicity Department of the Huangpu Committee of the CPC on June 21, so as to broaden channels for putting forward good advice, to pool everyone’s wisdom and efforts, and to discuss changes that took place in the district's urban area over the past 40 years. 

Yu Haihong, Member of the Standing Committee and Director of Publicity Department of Huangpu Committee of CPC, Xu Weiqing and Qiao Liang, Deputy Directors of Publicity Department of Huangpu Committee of CPC, Pan Xinghua, Deputy Director (presiding over the office’s daily work) of the Research Office of Huangpu Committee of CPC, Li Youmei, First Vice President of Shanghai Academy, and Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, attended the workshop. 

Li Youmei said, Huangpu District has been taking the lead in such areas as finance, commerce and the culture and creative industry, and it serves as a stabilizer of Shanghai’s socialist modernization path with Chinese characteristics, and plays a role of bridgehead in the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Through this survey activity, we shall tell the story of Huangpu district, the story of Shanghai, and the story of China. 

Zhao Kebin held that, as a think tank institution, Shanghai Academy should contribute ideas and advice regarding the social and economic development of Shanghai and even the whole nation during the process of creating "4 high-ends". It should make good use of the intellectual resources of CASS, and focus on such research directions as Shanghai's economic development situation, optimizing the business environment, and serving the “Belt and Road” Initiative. This research activity will review and summarize Huangpu District's achievements and experiences in such aspects as business, culture, the creative industry, and tourism, on the basis of refining advantages and positioning accuracy.

"Huangpu District is often referred to as the heart of Shanghai. The leaders and experts of the various departments participating in the conference have focused on research topics, combined with their own work experiences, and worked together from a macro or micro perspective to open up ideas for the smooth implementation of research activities.” Yu Haihong stressed that, driven by the reform and opening up, Huangpu District will always maintain its pioneering spirit, keep pace with the times, and pursue excellence. “I believe this survey will summarize the experience of today, review yesterday's practices, and look forward to tomorrow's development, and vividly reproduce the course of reform and innovation in all areas of Huangpu District”.. 

Huangpu District is a business friendly place that is suitable for starting a business, and for travel. Centering around the workshop's subjects, the attending experts and leaders of relevant departments of the district government shared their views on regional orientation, system reforms, and business upgrades, and jointly gave advice on research activities. 

Nearly 20 persons, including Yang Huijun, Director of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy, Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, leaders of relevant departments of Huangpu District Government, and some senior editors from local media, attended the workshop.