Xiong Hou Invited to Visit CONICET
Created On : 2018-06-01    Views : 173

On May 17-23, at the invitation of the Argentina Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Xiong Hou, Director of the Research Division of Shanghai Academy, paid a visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CONICET is a major scientific research agency in Argentina. Its main tasks include: implement the Argentinean government’s scientific development policies, promote the development of science and technology, provide necessary materials and funds for scientific research activities, coordinate research activities throughout the country, and promote and support the development of mathematics, physics, chemistry, humanities and social sciences. During the visit, the two sides carried out exchanges and discussions on topics including financial turmoil in Argentina and China-Latin America relations, and conducted friendly negotiations on joint research on scientific and technological innovation and “Belt and Road” research.

This visit is a concrete action to construct a high-end platform for international exchange and cooperation, one of “four high-ends” of Shanghai Academy, and is also a useful measure to actively expand the international influence of Shanghai Academy.