Shanghai Academy National Situation Analysis (Huaxia Finance) Base Established
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On May 21, Shanghai Academy National Situation Analysis (Huaxia Finance) Base was established. Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, and Li Bin, President of Huaxia Finance, jointly unveiled the nameplate of the national situation analysis base.

According to the requirements of the Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation entered by and between Shanghai Academy and Huaxia Finance, this investigation base would be included into the national situation analysis base construction system of Shanghai Academy.

Zhao Kebin noted that as a new-type think tank with Chinese characteristics, Shanghai Academy always plays the role of a high-end think tank, a high-end talent training base, a high-end international exchange and cooperation platform, and a high-end national situation analysis base, in a bid to provide intellectual support for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era.

As a financial service company with social responsibilities and professional competence, Huaxia Finance constantly explores financial reform measures to support micro-enterprises and create job opportunities through inclusive finance.

Shanghai Academy National Situation Analysis (Huaxia Finance) Base is an important platform to undertake production, study, research and application, collaboration, and innovation, and implement the national inclusive finance strategy. It’s expected that both parties could give play to their respective advantages and create the win-win cooperation results to achieve new progress in fields of industrial practice, talent construction, and international exchange and so on.

Li Bin said the free market economy cannot be equated with social freedom and equality. Behind the imbalance is information asymmetry, that is, the imbalance of social utility. The greatest imbalance evident is financial capital. The financing difficulties of medium and small-sized and micro-enterprises still exist. To solve such difficulties, inclusive finance can play a huge role.

As a hi-tech Internet financial service company, Huaxia Finance, on the basis of big financial data, is committed to the development of hi-tech finance and inclusive finance, and continues to pool experience in financial practice. Huaxia Finance hopes to join hands with Shanghai Academy to advance the theoretical development and business innovation of China’s inclusive finance cause, to build new inclusive finance ecology through industry-academy-research cooperation in the future.

Yang Huijun and Zhang Jun, Director and Deputy Director of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy respectively, attended the unveiling ceremony.