Shanghai Academy visits Shanghai Zendai Himalayas Network Technology
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On May 18, Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, and his party visited Shanghai Zendai Himalayas Network Technology Ltd. and both sides carried out an in-depth exchange on cooperation in the Internet audio industry. Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, accompanied Zhao in the visit.


Zhang Yan, Deputy Director of Public Affairs of Himalayas, first briefed the development status quo, industrial advantages, earning model, and forecast and analysis of future demand of Himalayas, and then proposed its cooperation intent with Shanghai Academy. By relying on Himalayas’ mass data and wealth of use cases, and focusing on issues concerning industrial development through the open cooperative research platform, Zhang hopes to boost the healthy and orderly growth of the Internet audio industry by pooling wisdom from all walks of life.


After the briefing, Zhao Kebin fully affirmed the importance of audio on knowledge creation and education. He said that Himalayas responded positively to the building of the “Shanghai Culture” brand and both parties should further discuss how best to use the existing platforms and talent resources to organically integrate think tank products with audio in future work.


Company Vice President, Zhao Tao, noted that Himalayas focused on producing quality content and hoped to join hands with expert teams to make a prospective study on the status quo and development trend of the Internet audio industry, and to jointly develop industrial and technical standards. Moreover, Zhang Tao also introduced Himalaya’s strategic layout and concept for the Belt and Road Initiative, estimating that in the coming three years Himalayas would cover more countries with a population of over 50 million, with the expressed aim of increasing user stickiness.