Shanghai Takes the Lead in Entering the "5G Application Era"
Created On : 2018-05-17    Views : 112

Above the beautiful Shanghai riverfront waterline, a drone hovers in the gentle breeze blowing through the north bund. This is not an ordinary drone, but one that carries world-leading 5G communication technology modules, and has successfully achieved real-time filming and transmitting of 360° panorama 4K HD video, using 5G network transmission technology. This first show of the combination of "drone+5G technology" marks that Shanghai has taken a key step in the building of 5G technology.

On May 10, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Shanghai Mobile, jointly with Huawei, conducted a comprehensive 5G field test of 4K HD video and VR practical applications at the north bund of Hongkou District. At the site, you can see that, compared with the stuttering evident when conducting these applications on a 4G network, the pictures transmitted by the 5G network are very smooth, and you won’t feel dizzy while watching the VR remotely.


Li Meng, researcher of the Shanghai Academy and the chief expert of the industrial economy project, said in an interview with, “This marked that the 5G technology in Shanghai has entered into the application and demonstration stage after many years of research and development, testing and validation; For next step, it will gradually enter commercial use and big scenario applications in the everyday life of the general public.” 

The event on the day is the first trial application of 5G technology in Shanghai. Li Meng said, "With the combination of 5G technology, drone application, and VR’s immersive experience, this event showed the technology’s potential in an easy-to-understand way, giving people a sense that future development of 5G technology may bring some new experiences and new modes for life, production, and even the administration and governance of a city."

He said, in the future, 5G technology will see very wide applications, “For example, the 5G technology may firstly find application in such areas as convention & exhibition events, and long-distance medical treatment; the super-fast transmission speed of 5G technology, and its characteristics of short time-lag and super large capacity, may help overcome some of the current barriers facing long-distance medical treatment."

According to the introduction, as the 5th generation of mobile communication network, the 5G network's peak transmission speed is dozens of times faster than the 4G network, which means a leapfrog improvement of network transmission speed and quality. For instance, users can download a HD movie as large as 10GB in just 10 seconds. The 5G network is able to link more than 1 million links per square kilometer, and huge technical breakthroughs have been made in terms of transmission delay, achieving millisecond-level time-lag, which will help achieve a completely mobile and completely connected society, and will greatly accelerate the practical utilization of such new technologies and applications as intelligent driving, intelligent medical care, and intelligent industrial manufacturing.

China established an advancement team for 5G technology in 2013, and took the lead in proposing 5G concepts and technical routes. Li Meng pointed out that, unlike the previous generations of mobile communication technology, China is in a relatively world leading position in the field of 5G technology, and Shanghai especially enjoys a clear advantage in this field.

Currently, Hongkou District is pushing forward the building of north bund with superb network speed. It has taken the lead in completing construction of 5G test base stations and industry application test in the riverfront area of the north bund, and is accelerating innovative integration with the modern urban management of the north bund. The Shanghai Municipal Government will also organize China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and relevant local enterprises in Shanghai to strive to create a new generation of information infrastructure that is knowledgeable, software-oriented, and intelligent. Led by the 5G technology, Shanghai Municipal Government plans to build "Shanghai Connection", namely, a network system with the fastest speed, the richest levels, and the most intelligent applications, so as to promote higher level inclusive access, and to provide higher quality public services. Shanghai also plans to build a "Shanghai Hub", with the information hub facilities serving the whole country while keeping the whole world in view. Shanghai will improve internal and external radiation level, so as to support the all-around opening landscape. The city also plans to build "Shanghai Calculation", promoting the comprehensive arrangement of strategic storage resources and calculation facilities that match with Shanghai's positioning as an outstanding global metropolis, and building its core advantages in the field of global scientific innovation and industry. Shanghai also plans to build "Shanghai Senses". The city brain and neuron functional facilities will achieve trinity of things connection, digital connection, and intelligent connection, and to build an intelligent network for achieving fine city management and social governance.

By 2020, Shanghai plans to take the lead in completing the overall architecture of the new generation of information infrastructures centering around 5G technology, becoming the key digitalization engine driving Shanghai's 4 brand building, and making its new generation information infrastructure service energy level comparable to other major cities across the world.