Zhao Kebin and His Party Visit the Consulate General of Iran in Shanghai
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On the afternoon of April 24th, Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, and his party visited the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Shanghai. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on how to promote academic and industrial cooperation between China and Iran, under the framework of the Belt & Road.

Zhao Kebin introduced the basic situation of Shanghai Academy, the cooperation between Shanghai Academy and the Iranian academic community, and said that Shanghai Academy will continue to actively promote academic exchanges and cooperation with Iran and strengthen mutual understanding and mutual trust between the peoples of the two countries. The Consul General, Mr Alireza Irvash, thanked Shanghai Academy for its efforts to promote academic and folk exchanges between China and Iran.

He pointed out that China is Iran's largest trading partner, and voiced Iran’s willingness to actively participate in the "Belt and Road" cooperation and to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in various fields, under the framework of the memorandum of cooperation recently signed by the leaders of the two countries. The Iranian Consulate General will strive to promote exchanges between Shanghai Academy and relevant Iranian research institutions, colleges and universities, hoping to help the people of Iran better understand the "Belt and Road" initiative and understand China’s development achievements, through exchanges between universities and research institutions of the two countries. 

During the visit, the two sides also held talks and discussions on issues related to the convening of the China-Iran Cooperation Forum.

Other personnel attending the activity include Ali Dehghani, commercial counselor of the Iranian Consulate General in Shanghai, Khalifi Hossein, representative of the National Tourism Administration of Iran & Iran-China Tourism Ambassador, Wang Jianhua, Deputy General Manager of Oriental International Petrochemical Co., Ltd., as well as Li Chunguang, Deputy Director and Zhao Xueyan, Project Manager of the Shanghai Academy Cooperation Division.