Zhao Kebin Visits Huaxia Finance
Created On : 2018-04-26    Views : 130

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On the afternoon of April 20, Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, and his party conducted a research visit to the headquarters of Huaxia Finance. Both parties made in-depth communications about the matters related to the industry-university-institute cooperation for inclusive finance.

Shanghai Academy and Huaxia Finance signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in October 2017. At the meeting, the two sides reached high consensus about the future service in Shanghai's major strategy for economic and social transformation and upgrading, as well as the industry-university-institute cooperation in theoretical research, institutional research, and financial support to the entity economy development research.

Li Bin, Chairman and President of Huaxia Finance, pointed out that in 2015, the State Council issued Development Planning for Promoting Inclusive Finance (2016-2020), in which inclusive finance rises to a national development strategy and a priority field during the implementation of the 13th Five-year Plan, indicating that China's inclusive finance ushers in a new development era. Huaxia Finance is willing to conduct the industry-university-institute cooperation with Shanghai Academy in the field of inclusive finance, so as to promote research into the inclusive finance theory and application.

Zhao Kebin noted that the standardized development of Internet finance is an important move to accelerate the implementation of an innovation-driven development strategy and promote economic structure transformation and upgrading, and of great significance in achieving the inclusiveness of China’s financial service and promoting public entrepreneurship and innovation. Introducing idle social funds into the real economy and supporting micro-enterprises can provide more value-added services. Consumer finance is helpful to expanding the domestic demand and forming a virtuous circle, thus creating more national employment opportunities and tax revenue. Based on the inclusive finance service practice achievements and thinking, Shanghai Academy and Huaxia Finance work together to give full play to their intellectual advantages, take the “industry-university-research” cooperation as the basic mode, and focus on inclusive finance’s basic theory, development mode, business innovation, risk control, regulatory framework and other topics, in a bid to further conduct research in inclusive finance-related fields, and provide intellectual support for regional economic development.