【Key Reference Issue 9, No. 113, 2018】Science Advance of World-Class Ecological Construction in Chongming District
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This issue of Key Reference publishes an article entitled Science Advance of World-Class Ecological Construction in Chongming District. The article points out that accordng to the draft of Shanghai Chongming District Overall Planning and General Land Use Planning (2016-2040), by 2040, Chongming District will be built into a world-class ecological sanctuary playing a world-leading role in such aspects as ecological environment and resource utilization. For the purpose of scientific advance of the construction of Chongming world-class ecological haven, the article suggests that Chongming District organically integrate natural ecology and social ecology, while buildng the world-class ecological sanctuary, so as to actively advance the integrative development of ecology, production, and life. In the process of optimization, and actual implementation of the planning draft, efforts must be made to have a wise handling of the systematic coordination and comprehensive balance between things and humanity, economy and society, technology and emotion, nature and culture, and many other relations in an ecological sense.