【Key Reference Issue 7, No. 111, 2018】Analysis and Prediction of China's Economic Situations in 2018
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This issue of Key Reference publishes an article entitled Suggestions on Promoting Innovative Cooperation Between Transnational Companies and Local Enterprises in Serving Construction of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center. The article analyzes that the construction of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center cannot start without the supporting role of research and development institutions of transnational companies, in which the innovative cooperation between transnational companies and local enterprises is a relatively weak link. In terms of policy, Shanghai must integrate innovation-promoting policy systems, fully give play to the policy-oriented role, and encourage cooperative innovation between transnational companies and local enterprises, especially focusing on guiding and encouraging local enterprises to actively cooperate with R&D headquarters of transnational companies in innovation. By industry, it must give priority to advance the construction of innovative cooperation platforms between local enterprises and multinational companies in the industries of new medicine, new technology, and new material. In terms of talents, Shanghai shall provide accurate services for the entrepreneurship of technical talents of multinational companies in Shanghai. In addition, it must promote the service system construction focusing on intermediaries in international technical cooperation.