【Key Reference Issue 6, No. 110, 2018】"Internet+ Government Affairs service" Must Be Advanced Synergistically with Construction of Entity Hall
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This issue of Key Reference publishes an article entitled "Internet+ Government Affairs service" Must Be Advanced in Coordination with Construction of the Physical Office. The article points out that "Internet+ government affairs service" is of great significance to promoting a law-based and service-oriented government, and improve the work efficiency of individuals and enterprises, which plays a promoting effect on economic growth. However, because of defects in the current online government affairs office, it is a sound and feasible way to cooperatively advance offline and online services in the development of "Internet+ government affairs service". Therefore, the article suggests giving priority to both the physical office and the virtual office, advancing offline and online services in coordination, prioritise both offline and online service delivery, improve offline and online service quality, and promoting reform and legislation in parallel.