Professor Shen Xiangping: Three Levels of Belief and Ignorance
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The 15th High-End Social and Cultural Lecture sponsored by Shanghai Academy and the Humanities & Social Sciences Office of Shanghai University, and organized by the Shanghai University Department of Philosophy, was held on April 10. Shen Xiangping, professor of the School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University and Executive President of Beijing Cultural Development Research Institute delivered a wonderful report on the topic of the "Level of Belief and Ignorance." Professor Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, presided over the event.

Professor Shen Xiangping pointed out that in the spiritual life of human beings, the fundamental reason for the appearance of beliefs lies in human ignorance. Human ignorance can be divided into three levels. The first level is ontological ignorance. From the perspective of human limitations, each individual has ontological ignorance. This is the essential fate of human beings; the second level is primitive ignorance, which is due because people have no reason to use rationality without enlightenment. The effort of modern civilization is to overcome this primitive ignorance; and the third level is reflective ignorance, which refers to the fact that human beings have introspected themselves and have a clear understanding of their limited nature, and they can build a cultural belief centering on philosophical reflection on the basis of reflective ignorance.

Professor Shen made a philosophical and instructive explanation of human beliefs and the ignorance of human beings with theoretical analysis, logical summary, and using humorous language. He proposed many penetrating thoughts and showed the charm of philosophy in explaining the world of humanity.

More than 100 teachers and students from Shanghai University and the public attended the seminar.

(By the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy)