Iranian State Television Interviews Zhao Kebin
Created On : 2018-04-12    Views : 128


On April 10, Zhao Kebin, Executive Deputy President of Shanghai Academy received an in-depth interview by an Iranian State Television production team, for a documentary on China’s Reform, Opening Up and Development, at Room 205 of Shanghai Academy, and Zhao expounded on China’s economic and social issues.

The production team will spend 10 days interviewing in China in order to gain a better understanding of China’s reform and opening up, economic, social and cultural policies, the Belt and Road Initiative, new-type think tank building through the interviews at higher learning institutions and enterprises, and to bring advanced experience back to Iran.

Zhao briefed on the organizational structure and development objectives of Shanghai Academy and summed up experience of the rapid development of the Chinese economy in the past few decades. He hoped to strengthen the exchange with the Iranian side in the future and welcomed more Iranian people to go sightseeing in China, enabling Middle Eastern countries to have a better understanding of China.

By Gong Xiaojing and Xu Tingting