Shanghai Academy Signs Agreement with Forecast Thinktank
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On April 9, Shanghai Academy signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation with Shanghai FC Economy Forecast Institute (hereinafter referred to as Forecast Thinktank). Zhao Kebin, Executive Deputy President of Shanghai Academy, and Wang Depei, President and also chief economist of Forecast Thinktank, inked the agreement on behalf of the respective parties.

Since its establishment, Shanghai Academy has focused its study on key theoretic and practical issues in reform and development, by leveraging the intelligence superiority of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the policy advantage of Shanghai as the forefront of deepening reform in all-round way. It is engaged in personnel training, cooperation & exchange, is active in national situation research, and has delivered such decision-making and consulting reports as Key Reference and Survey Report, actively serving Shanghai’s economic development. With a development history of more than 20 years, Forecast Thinktank has explored and summarized some effective forecast & consulting tools and decision-making & analysis methods, established such business segments as Internal Reference and Consulting, and is devoting to providing scientific, foresighted and operational intelligence service for the business and government communities.

The partnership aims to give full play to Shanghai Academy’s advantage in resource integration and Forecast Thinktank’s experience in serving local economic and social development. By centering on key research topics of Shanghai and even the entire nation, e.g. integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the Belt and Road Initiative, and international relations, the two research bodies aim to provide intelligence support for the economic & social transformation and upgrade of Shanghai and the whole nation.

Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, along with key Forecast Thinktank representatives, including Chen Xiaoli, Executive Deputy President, Sun Xiaoli, Administration Director, and Ren Minle, Assistant to Forecast Thinktank’s Director of R&D and Expansion Center, were present at the signing ceremony.

By Xiang Jinmei