Chairman of the Charhar Institute Discusses Cooperation Potentials with Shanghai Academy
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On March 27, Han Fangming, Chairman of the Charhar Institute, and his party came to discuss cooperation potentials with Shanghai Academy, and exchanged ideas on project cooperation with Li Youmei, First Vice President of Shanghai Academy.

Li Youmei extended a warm welcome to the guests, and introduced the establishment background of Shanghai  Academy, its objectives, service objects, research perspectives, research fields and institutional construction. In adherence to the third-party research perspective of "Shanghai, Outside Looking in”, Shanghai Academy has made staggered development with other local think-tank institutions, and focused its work on national strategy and important tasks of Shanghai, as the frontier of deepening reform in an all-round way. Because Shanghai  Academy is a new-type think-tank institution, one of its important objectives is to build a high-end international exchange and cooperation platform. On the one hand, it must have its own backbone; on the other hand, it must also have foresight, focus on the introduction of superior resources of international high-quality think-tank institutions, develop broad cooperation with them, and formulate cooperation schemes, so as to provide better services for China’s reform and development, as well as Shanghai’s innovation and progress.

Han Fangming thanked Shanghai Academy for its warm reception, and considered that Shanghai Academy is a good think-tank platform because it has both the academic reserves of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and strong support from Shanghai Municipal People's Government. The Charhar Institute was founded in 2009 as a non-official diplomatic and international relations research think-tank with a flexible mechanism, and has done a lot of work in maintaining world peace and mediating international conflicts. In recent years, it has also involved key research areas such as the construction of the “Belt and Road”, improvement of Sino-Japanese relations, the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the peace and security of Northeast Asia, theU.S.policy toKoreaand other hotspot research fields. Shanghai  Academy and the Charhar Institute could branch out cooperation in these aspects, and then gradually extend to other fields, so as to exert influence on media voice and public opinions, and then achieve mutual benefits and win-win development.


Ma Wensheng and Zhou Hucheng, Deputy Secretaries General of the Charhar Institute, Wang Yadan, Executive Director and Senior Research Fellow of Japan Urban Development Research Institute and Part-time Research Fellow of Shanghai Academy, Yu Zhirong, Research Fellow of China Marine Development and Research Center and Part-time Research Fellow of Shanghai Academy, Zhu Cheng, Director of Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, and Li Chunguang, Deputy Director of Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, attended the activity.

(By Xiang Jinmei)