Liu Xiwen Discusses Cooperation Potentials with Shanghai Academy
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On March 23, Liu Xiwen, Deputy Director of the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chief Editor of Think Tank: Theory & Practice, and his party visited Shanghai Academy, and exchanges ideas about relevant cooperation matters with Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy.

At the meeting, they mainly discussed and communicated on three topics.

I. Negotiate relevant matters of the Science and Technology Innovation Sub-Forum of Shanghai Forum 2018 jointly sponsored by Shanghai Academy and the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and organized by Shanghai University. The sub-forum makes full use of the great influence of "Shanghai Forum" in Shanghai and even the world, and follows Shanghai’s general trend to advance the construction of a "scientific and technological innovation center".  With “International Comparison and Reference for Construction of a Scientific and Technological Innovation Center—Responsibility for Promoting Development of Asia” as the topic, it will seize the power of discourse on major hot topics, give immediate voice, enhance the social public influence of both parties, and promote the high-quality development of think tank institutions, in a bid to drive and support the construction and development of cultural disciplines of Shanghai University.

II. Discuss how to build a long-term friendly partnership between Shanghai Academy and Think Tank: Theory & Practice. Shanghai Academy is a high-end think tank that can gather high-quality expert teams of CASS and Shanghai local universities. Ever since its founding, it has made great achievements in think tank research. Think Tank; Theory and Practice magazine serves the country’s innovation-driven development strategy and supports national macro strategic strategic decisions. Its columns cover theoretical research, think tank construction, case analysis, and expert interviews. Between them, one party is a high-quality think-tank result output institution, while the other is an important platform for effectively spreading think-tank results. Their cooperation is bound to make abundant achievements, promote common development between them, and realize mutual benefits and win-win.

III. Consult and learn the operation mode of the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In recent years, the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has actively built a system of knowledge and resources for big data science and technology, and branched out into generalized literature and information services. A major breakthrough was made in the construction of a distributed big data knowledge resource system and in the research and service system of scientific and technological intelligence of the innovation value chain. Shanghai Academy has nine research centers, including a survey and data center. This year, Shanghai Academy will collect various resources to strengthen the work of the center; in particular, it could take advantage of the data and survey resources of CASS to provide data support for our efforts in building a Shanghai data platform. Because the mature operation mode of the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can provide good experience and good practice for the construction of the platform, Shanghai Academy is expected to realize the major objective of providing better services for Shanghai's innovation and progress.

Lv Qing, Director of the Editorial Department of Think Tank: Theory & Practice of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, Li Chunguang, Deputy Head of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, Wang Jian Deputy Director and Secretary Liu Yimi, of the Department of Culture and Social Sciences, attended the meeting. 

 (By Xiang Jinmei)