Zhao Kebin and His Party Visit Shanghai Charity Foundation
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On March 21, Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai  Academy, and his party visited Shanghai Charity Foundation. Shi Derong and Xie Lingli, Vice Presidents of Shanghai Charity Foundation, and Tao Chen, chief editor of Charity magazine, received them. Xiong Hou, Director of the Research Division of Shanghai Academy, and Xu Jing, Director of General Office of Modern Charity  Research Center, accompanied Zhao in the visit.

Vice President Shi Derong extended warm welcome to Zhao Kebin and his party, and gave a detailed introduction to the operation mechanism, key works, main projects and innovative concepts of Shanghai Charity Foundation. Since the founding in May 1994, the Foundation has been working to support the aged and children, subsidize students and the impoverished. With running charity by relying on the public and running charity for the sake of the society as the tenet, the Foundation is committed to exploring charity resources, providing charitable aids, spreading charity concepts and holding various brand activities, so as to achieve many innovations in charity work. Subsequently, Vice President Xie Lingli introduced the latest organization structure and brand project development of the foundation. Meanwhile, as Secretary-General of Modern Charity Research Center of Shanghai Academy, she reported the work of the Secretariat of the charity center to Zhao Kebin. She said the charity forum held every September is a key work of the charity center every year, and suggested inviting famous foreign scholars to the charity forum this year, in order to further expand the international horizon, enhance the grade of the center, and improve the brand effect.

Zhao Kebin praised the achievements of the foundation and affirmed the efforts of the charity center. He then spoke on the training of social workers at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as an example. He said that research on charity theory is very important and the innovation of the mechanism system is particularly important under new situations. The two sides should make full use of existing platforms, human resources, and other resources, give full play to their respective advantages, and do a good job of charitable work. They will form a good interaction in the future work and organically integrate key works such as finance, internet, and charity.

After the meeting, Zhao Kebin and his party visited the new location of Shanghai Charity Foundation. This survey lays a solid foundation and provides powerful support for the in-depth cooperation and exchanges between both parties.

(By Xu Jing)