Forecast Thinktank Makes a Tour to Shanghai Academy to Discuss Cooperation Potential
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On March 8, Chen Xiaoli, Executive Vice President of Forecast Thinktank, and her party visited Shanghai Academy where they were hosted by Zhao Kebin, Executive Vice President of Shanghai  Academy. Both parties held a meeting to discuss and exchange views on cooperation matters, such as internal publication contribution channels, jointly holding meetings and so on.

According to Chen Xiaoli, as an independent third-party think tank with a history of more than 20 years and based on the tenet of “Doing Objective, Clear-headed, Neutral, Empirical and Effective Scientific Research”, Forecast Thinktank is focused on rendering extremely forward-looking “Forecast Viewpoints” and is dedicated to providing ministries and commissions, as well as enterprises and institutions, with a wide variety of internal professional reports regularly. Its business covers theoretical research, economic research, holding key conferences, and membership system construction. Through this visit, Forecast Thinktank looked forward to establishing a long-term partnership with Shanghai Academy and conducting in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the contribution of internal publications, joint holding of international and nationwide meetings and large forums, and the establishment of a graduate internship base in Forecast Thinktank in the future.

Zhao Kebin said that in the new era, as the important consultation “think tank” which influenced governmental decision-making and promoted economic and social development, the think tank institutions grew rapidly. Both “governmental think tanks” and “non-governmental think tanks” have their own advantages and shortcomings. To seek a fit between the two, strengthen communication and exchange, build an all-round cooperative network, and thus to jointly integrate the superior resources of the two are important ways for think tank institutions to play their respective advantages and supplement each other's shortcomings.. As a new high-end think tank co-established by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and by leveraging the powerful intellectual superiority of CASS and the policy advantages of Shanghai, which has served as a front of nationwide reform and opening up, Shanghai Academy is willing to establish long-term, stable, strategic cooperation with Forecast Thinktank, an outstanding leader of non-governmental think tanks, and give voice to such hot topics as smart city, bay area economy, and blockchain, thus to jointly contribute to Shanghai’s social and economic growth.


Administrative Director Sun Xiaoli and Professor Huang Guohua from Forecast Thinktank, Director Yang Huijun from the Secretariat, Director Zhu Cheng and Deputy Director Li Chunguang from the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy attended the meeting.

(By Xiang Jinmei)