Zhang Jiurong Visits Shanghai Academy
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The business environment is productivity. The rule of law, internationalization, and facilitation of the business environment have an important role in promoting the vitality of enterprises and stimulating internal impetus to growth. On March 5, Zhang Jiurong, Deputy Secretary-General of theChinaPrivately-owned Business Association and his party visited Shanghai Academy. The visiting delegation had in-depth research and discussion with Li Youmei, First Vice President and Zhao Kebin, Managing Vice President of Shanghai Academy on topics related with Shanghai’s business environment and reached preliminary cooperation intent.

The meeting held that, to construct an excellent global city, enhance attraction, creation, and competitiveness, Shanghai must benchmark the highest standard and level in the world, constantly increase the soft power of the institutional environment, and try to create a new position of dominance in the business environment. As a think tank jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Shanghai  Academy has strong advantage in resources. With 9 specialized centers including Investigation and Data Center and Research Center for Social Governance in Cities, Shanghai Academy focuses on core topics to serve Shanghai’s innovation and progress. As an assistant of government in administering the individual economy, theChinaPrivately-owned Business Association is an important force to boost the growth of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. Both parties will integrate their respective advantages, carry out field investigation of the business environment and make entrepreneurial evaluation in order to create a better environment for Shanghai's high quality development and provide stronger intellectual support.

Jin Zhaohui, Director of the Information Department of the China Privately-owned Business Association, Qin Shouliang, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Shanghai Private Economy Association, Zhang Zhiqun, Head of the Member Service Department of the Shanghai Private Economy Association, Xiong Hou, Director of the Research Department, Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Department and Xiang Qin, Project Manager of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy, were present at the conference.

(Text and photo by Xiang Jinmei)