【Key Reference Issue 53-55, No.94-96】Shanghai Culture Research Report Series
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Shanghai Culture Research Report Series


These three issues of Key Reference publish an article entitled Shanghai Culture Research Report Series. The report series focuses on Shanghai’s efforts in driving socialist cultural prosperity in aspects of exploring the red culture, telling the story of China well, and promoting the soft power of Chinese culture, and gives suggestions for Shanghai’s actual practice. According to Report I, Shanghai's cultural construction must focus on the red culture, and efforts must be made to deeply mine characteristic cultural resources, improve the marketing platform of the cultural market, exhibit and promote modern technology with innovative culture, and build more international cultural exchange platforms and brands, so as to promote creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture. According to Report II, Shanghai must tell the stereoscopic story of China well, highlight its unique characteristics, take complementary actions with Beijing, invite others to tell the story of Shanghai and the story of China, interpret Western stories from a Chinese perspective, take advantage of the “Belt and Road” initiative, and pay attention to the reflective monitoring of the city’s image. In accordance with Report III, Shanghai must become a bridgehead for telling good stories of China to developed capitalist countries in Europe and the U.S., and enhancing the soft power of Chinese culture. The Shanghai story is an important part of the Chinese story, and Shanghai should focus on shaping an image of China that is open, inclusive, progressive, and global. To tell the story of China well, we must also give full play to the characteristics of Shanghai and form a "Shanghai method for telling a good story of China".