Shanghai Academy 2018 First Party Branch Study and Practice Activity Successfully Held
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In order to further study The Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era put forward by President Xi Jinping, comprehensively implement the spirit of the CPC 19th National Congress, carry on and promote the patriotic enthusiasm of Party members, and motivate Party members' work enthusiasm and dedication, the interim Party branch of Shanghai Academy, jointly with Vancouver Film School of Shanghai University, and Yanchang Directing Department for Campus Planning, Adjusting, and Construction, went to China Art Museum to visit and study the "From Shanghai Gate to Tian'anmen Gate" themed Shanghai Fine Arts Works Exhibition on the afternoon of January 18. 

The museum's architectural design integrates such features as "unity between heaven and human", "harmonious coexisting between nature and human", and "Taoism follows nature" advocated in Chinese traditional philosophy. Therefore, it is an important representation of the Chinese view about the social environment for the ideal habitat. The exhibition contents are rich and colorful, and the Party members visited different exhibition halls, involving oil painting works, lacquer painting, photography, modern fine arts, and sculpture respectively. Through the visit, the Party members were motivated to look back on the magnificent development progress of the Chinese nation, to feel every important stage that the Communist Party of China experienced on its development process from founding, to maturity and to success. With these art works that display prominent characteristics of the times and reflect the Chinese spirit, the Party members were motivated to relive CPC's history, and appreciate the heroic process of growing and realizing the "Chinese dream", that they as individuals, have experienced together with the great nation.

This activity is an important measure of Shanghai Academy's study and practice, themed on "staying true to the founding purpose, firmly keeping in mind the mission, and implementing and carrying out the spirit of the 19th Congress of the CPC”. Through the activity, we are motivated to keep in mind our original intention of not forgetting history, cherishing the present, and looking forward to the future, and to feel the inspiring fact that individual's growth shares the same fate and development with that of the new China during the reform and progress. The Party members all said that, in the new era, they shall stick to the objectives and missions that Shanghai Academy was originally established to achieve, and they shall work hard, and strive to make a greater contribution to accelerating the building of Shanghai into an outstanding international metropolis. 

(Written and photo by Xiang Jinmei and Shen Lan)