Ding Xiaodong Pays a Visit to Shanghai Academy
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On the afternoon of January 16, Ding Xiaodong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, led a team of 4 staff, including, He Pengcheng, Head of the Finance Department, Lao Xiaoyun, Head of the Department of Development and Planning, Jin Shengtao, senior staff of the Publicity Department of the Work Party Committee, and Zhang Yuqi, cadre member from the Personnel Department, to visit Shanghai Academy. The team held discussions with Li Youmei, First Deputy Director of Shanghai Academy, Wen Xueguo, former Executive Deputy President and Gong Siyi, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai University Committee of the CPC and Deputy President of Shanghai University. They wanted to learn institution and mechanism problems that exist in the operation of Shanghai Academy through this discussion.

In-depth discussions are made on various problems that are encountered in the development and operation of Shanghai Academy since its founding. According to the objective of  jointly building a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics by "academy-university" cooperation, and sticking to the principles of  problem orientated, demand orientated, and effect orientated, with institution and mechanism innovation as the breakthrough point, some practical and operable measures are put forward for such issues as financial expenditure, awarding of project contracts, introduction of talents, research achievement submitting channels, and support for discipline construction of Shanghai University.

The timing of the conference was very pertinent. It was helpful to promote implementation and adoption of advanced experiences and innovative practices on the future development road of Shanghai Academy, and to start the second round of development of Shanghai Academy. Those who participated in discussions also include Zhu Mingyuan, Director of the Personnel Department of Shanghai University, Chu Guizhong, Director of the university’s Finance Department, Tian Lijun, Deputy Director of the university’s Department of Development and Planning, Yang Huijun, Director of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy, Chen Yao, Director of the academy’s Administration Division, and Zhu Cheng, Director of the academy’s Cooperation Division. 

(by Chen Jiajia and Xiang Jinmei)