Shanghai Academy Delegation Makes a Research Tour in Hainan
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In order to have a full and accurate understanding of the current situation and problems of China’s think tank construction, on December 17-19, a research delegation from Shanghai Academy, led by Executive Vice President Wen Xueguo, made a tour to Hainan Academy of Social Sciences, Hainan University, the National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS) and other think tanks in Hainan, to conduct research on the “Construction of New-type Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics”.

The research focused on issues concerning the basic situation, achievement production mode, talent training mode, evaluation elements and standards, the major dilemma that the think tank construction faced and so on. Zhong Yechang, Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of Hainan Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles, and President of Hainan Academy of Social Sciences, said that talent construction was of great importance to the development of the think tank. Year 2018 marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of Hainan Province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone. Hainan Academy of Social Science would seize the golden opportunity for its development. Professor Du Minge, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hainan University, and Secretary of the Party Committee for Discipline Inspection of Hainan University, noted that, think tanks affiliated to universities serve as important knowledge output units, and think tank construction should make innovations on the reform of scientific and technological research, building of talent teams, marketing of achievements, and the establishment of bases. NISCSS Vice President Xi Jinsong first briefed the basic situation of NISCSS and then pointed out that as a think tank focusing on the issues concerning the South China Sea, NISCSS has made a great deal of research on such fields as talent training, think tank professionalization, and brand building.

Heads of relevant departments from various research institutions had discussions focusing on their specific work. Yang Huijun, Director of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy, Xiong Hou, Director of the Research Division of Shanghai Academy, and Chen Wenyan, Assistant Research Fellow of Shanghai Academy, were present at the research activity.