【Key Reference Issue 47-52 in 2017, No.88-93】Report Series about Old-Age Security in Shanghai
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Report Series about Old-Age Security in Shanghai


These issues of Key Reference publish articles entitled Report Series about Old-Age Security in Shanghai. With six issues in total, the reports study the old-age security issue in Shanghai in terms of financial support, old-age services, integrated old-age services and Internet-based old-age care, and give suggestions in combination with Shanghai’s actual conditions. First, Shanghai must get prepared and take comprehensive measures to achieve financial sustainability in basic endowment insurance; it must launch pilot projects in the window period for the endowment insurance reform, expand insurance coverage, and improve the income and profitability of the social security fund by securing the social security base; second, Shanghai’s old-age service must focus on innovation in management and technologies as well as senior care provided at home and by social organizations; third, to advance senior care at home, Shanghai must introduce the “supply-side reform”, highlight the dominant role of the market in service supply, give play to the guiding role of the government, improve long-term care and insurance systems and innovate in service means; fourth, Shanghai needs to establish a multi-layered long-term care and insurance system, and make top-level design and institutional reserve in advance in institutional innovation; fifth, Shanghai government must make it clear that intelligent senior care is about services rather than products, strengthen the comprehensive deployment of the intelligent old-age service system, make the policies more timely and targeted and improve the awareness of services; sixth, Shanghai must crack down on frauds and illegal business behaviors targeted at seniors and rectify market orders to ensure the needs of seniors for life and welfare are met.