【Key Reference Issue 42 in 2017, No.83】Suggestions about Improving Administration over Overseas NGOs in Shanghai
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Suggestions about Improving Administration over Overseas NGOs in Shanghai


This issue of Key Reference publishes an article entitled Suggestions about Improving Administration over Overseas NGOs in Shanghai. According to the article, the overseas non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Shanghai develop in a regulated manner as a whole and promote the development of Shanghai, but there are some problems in the administration of the overseas NGOs in Shanghai, such as the “failure to buy tickets” or “buying fake tickets”, poor regulation and reception of help from anti-Chinese organizations due to the hard access to funds. To change the phenomena, the article gives the following suggestions. First, Shanghai must uphold the principles established in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Activities of Overseas Non-governmental Organizations in the Mainland of China, tightly control the interpretation right and discourse right to the law and resist the wrong interpretations of the law by Western countries and some overseas anti-Chinese forces; second, it must highlight both principles and flexibility when developing local laws and detailed rules for implementation; third, it must treat the overseas NGOs in Shanghai differentially, exercise precise management and do a good job in risk pre-judgment; fourth, it must prevent overseas forces and the consulates of Western countries in Shanghai from drawing the grassroots non-governmental organizations in Shanghai over to their side; fifth, it must strengthen administration over the cooperation between the colleges in Shanghai and overseas NGOs.