Wen Xueguo Leads a Team to Visit Shanghai Institute for Science of Science
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On December 7, Wen Xueguo, Managing Vice President of Shanghai Academy, led a team to Shanghai Institute for Science of Science (SISS) to perform research on "building new types think tanks with Chinese Characteristics" and made in-depth communication with Luo Dajin, President of SISS.

According to Wen, Shanghai Academy undertakes the subject of Building New Types Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics, one of the major national condition research projects of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in 2017. By centering on such issues as the basic situation of think tanks, achievement generation mode, talent training mode, main dilemmas faced by think tanks, his team has visited some think tanks with distinctive characteristics and obtained some important first-hand information and got some intuitive understanding. As one of the earliest institutes of soft science research in China, the SISS has made in-depth research in technological innovation strategy, science and technology policy, industrial innovation and other fields, and is a high-level technological innovation think tank with distinctive characteristics. Besides collecting cases for research, Shanghai Academy wants to refer to the outstanding practice of SISS and find a unique development path for itself.

Luo Dajin introduced the staffing, department setup, fiscal management, talent introduction, performance evaluation and others of SISS to Wen Xueguo and the team in detail. He elaborated the difficulties that SISS has encountered in its development, including that most researchers are young and the lack of experience and obstacles in talent introduction. According to Luo Dajin, to accelerate the establishment of a specialized and platform-based high-level technological innovation think tank with distinctive characteristics, we should focus on the major demand of building Shanghai into a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence, constantly enhance talent team construction, continually improve service and decision making capability, and try to improve core competitiveness in platform establishment and brand building.

The two parties also reached intents on jointly organizing academic activities, and collaboratively advancing think tank research, etc. Director Wang Bing and Deputy Director Xu Guyuan of the General Management Office of SISS and Deputy Director Wu Yingying of Research Centre for Science and Technology Development, were present at the activity. Yang Huijun, Director of the Secretariat, Shanghai Academy, Lu Na, teacher in charge of Teaching Management, Shanghai Branch of the Graduate School of CASS and Xie Nini, editor of the Secretariat, Shanghai Academy also accompanied Wen in the visit.

(By Xie Nini)