“Shanghai Archaeology Forum” Preparatory Meeting Held at Shanghai Academy
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Shanghai Academy held the preparatory meeting for “Shanghai Archaeology Forum” on December 6. The meeting was held to make a detailed planning and deployment for the preparatory work of the forthcoming “Shanghai Archaeology Forum”. Wen Xueguo, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Academy, presided over the meeting.

Wang Wei, member of the Academic Division of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Director General of the Archaeological Society of China, Duan Yong, Vice President of Shanghai University, Zhang Yongan, President of the College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University, Zhou Lijuan, Head of the Cultural Relics Division, Shanghai Bureau of Cultural Relics, Meng Xiangdong, Deputy Director of the Party and Administration Office, Shanghai University, Li Juan, manager of the Party and Administration Office, Shanghai University, Cao Jun, Associate Professor of the Department of History, Shanghai University, Huang Jingyu, a director of Radio and Television Shanghai, Yang Huijun, Director of the Secretariat of Shanghai Academy, and Mo Yang attended the meeting.

Wen Xueguo pointed out that the Forum focuses on innovation, cooperation, and sustainable development of human society, aims to promote the investigation, protection, and utilization of archaeological resources and cultural heritage worldwide, and is a significant and influential international platform for publicizing archaeological achievements, promoting archaeological research, and revealing modern significance of cultural heritages. Therefore, careful preparations must be made for the Forum in all aspects, so as to make no errors and avoid regrets.

At the meeting, all of the details and precautions from the opening to the closing of the Forum were discussed, including the arrangement of meetings at VIP rooms, the determination of the time and venue to meet foreign guests, and the name list of award presenters. Besides, detailed research and deployment were also made for the protocol, security, guest pickup, and accommodation arrangements during the Forum.

Currently, all working groups are making preparations in full swing. The preparatory meeting plays an important role in optimizing and improving the Forum arrangement and further defining and refining the work duties, and lays a good foundation for successfully holding the Forum.


(By Xiang Jinmei)