Strengthen Think Tank Cooperation and Establish a Long-effect Mechanism
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On the morning of November 9, Tamás Kozma, International Relations Manager at Hungary’s Antall József Knowledge Center of Political and Social Sciences, paid a visit to Shanghai Academy where he was hosted by Deputy Director Li Chunguang and Post-doctoral Researcher Xiang Feng from the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy. Li Chunguang extended a warm welcome to Mr. Kozma for his visit and reviewed the sound foundation for the cooperation between Shanghai Academy and Antall József Knowledge Center. In this September, Professor Li Youmei, First Vice President of Shanghai Academy, visited Antall József Knowledge Center, which further deepened the cooperative relationship between both parties. This meeting would further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between both parties.

Mr. Kozma revealed that the center had successfully held an international conference themed The Future of East Asia and would continue to hold the Conference on the Maritime Silk Road: Economic Prospects and Regional Balance in the Greater Indian Ocean Basin next year, and would like to invite experts from Shanghai Academy to present at the conference. Mr. Kozma also presented Shanghai Academy with the center’s latest journal—In Focus, with plans to make “China” a central topic next year. Mr. Kozma also invited scholars of Shanghai Academy to contribute articles about achievements of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up.

Li Chunguang expressed his appreciation for the center’s invitation and also invited Hungarian scholars to the international conferences held by Shanghai Academy, to establish peer-to-peer communication and a regular cooperation mechanism. Shanghai Academy has established sound cooperative relationships with research institutions and think tanks in Latin America, and expected to deepen the exchange and cooperation between both parties in more areas, in the context of “16+1” cooperation.


(By Xiang Feng and Xiang Jinmei)