Doctor Faisal Aburub Visits Shanghai Academy
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On October 24, Doctor Faisal Aburub, Director of the Scholarship Office of Petra University, Jordan, visited Shanghai Academy. Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Division of Shanghai Academy, and Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of the Secretariat and the person in charge of enrollment, received the visitor. Yao Ximing, Director of the College of International Exchange under Shanghai University, and relevant workers also attended the talks. The three sides had in-depth exchanges about cooperation.

During the talks, Doctor Aburub introduced Petra University and played the promotional video of Petra University. Yao Ximing briefed the information about Shanghai University and the College of International Exchange. Doctor Aburub also expressed his hope to establish a deeper level of partnership with Shanghai Academy and Shanghai University, such as dispatching professors to Shanghai Academy for exchanges and visits, and sending students to Shanghai University for master’s or doctoral degrees in relevant disciplines.


Through the visit, both sides gained a better understanding of each other, made clear future directions of cooperation, and reached the intent of cooperation between Petra University and Shanghai University on the exchange of students.

Founded in 1992, Petra University is a private university located in the Jordanian Capital, Amman, and the first college in Jordan to be awarded the Quality Assurance Certificate by the Ministry of Education. It presently has seven schools, including the School of Education, School of Arts, School of Architecture and Fine Arts, School of Administration and Finance, School of Information Technology, and the Schools of Medical Science and Mass Communication, as well as 300 full-time teachers and over 7,000 students (including about 1,000 foreign students). Petra University came sixth among the Ranking Web of Universities in 2016.


(Article and photo by Xiang Jinmei)