The Qualities of Young PhDs Affects the Development of a City's Culture, and Advancement of a Country's Civilization
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On October 13, the 2017 SSSA Academic Activity Month & the 2nd Shanghai Academic Forum for Confucianism PhDs themed on "the spiritual essence of poem and ceremony culture and its inheritance in the modern times" which was jointly directed by Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences Associations, and sponsored by Shanghai Academy and Association for Confucianism Studies, Shanghai, was successfully held. The Shanghai Academic Forum for Confucianism PhDs builds a substantial platform for young PhDs on Confucianism in Shanghai to participate in the study of Confucianism, and provides a good opportunity for them to share their study achievements, which will strongly promote the specialization process of young scholar groups, and promote comprehensive development of academic literacy among young scholars.  

Zeng Yi, professor of Tongji University and Vice Chairman of the Association for Confucianism Studies, Shanghai, and Wang Kemei, Director of the Society Department of the Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences Associations, respectively addressed the opening ceremony. The addressing speakers believe that, young people are closely related to the development of a city's culture and advancement of a country's civilization. Today, with the rapid development of society’s progress and the continuous speed of social reform, young scholars are playing a more and more important role in leading and creating new academic study subjects and academic life. To a certain degree, the special qualities of Confucianism PhDs of today will determine the style of a city's culture of tomorrow. The creation of young Confucianism PhDs today will affect the development prospects of a country's civilization tomorrow. The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Zhu Cheng, Director of the Cooperation Department of Shanghai Academy.                               

The forum was simultaneously held at two venues, and the discussion at each venue was divided into 4 groups. The commenting scholars included, Professor Zeng Yi, Professor Zhu Cheng, Professor Guo Xiaodong from the School of Philosophy, Fudan University, Professor Guo Meihua and Associate Professor Cai Zhidong from the Department of Philosophy, Shanghai Normal University, Professor Gong Huanan and Associate Professor Chen Qiaojian from the Department of Philosophy of East China Normal University, and Lecturer Yuan Xiaojing (Ph.D) from the Division of Social Sciences of Shanghai University. Over 30 young PhDs from Tongji University, Shanghai Normal University, East China Normal University and Shanghai University explain their papers' main views, arguments and argumentation methodology about the current frontier subjects of Confucianism study. The commenting scholars gave brilliant comments and directions on those papers' question consciousness, the relations between the views and argumentation materials, writing style, research methodology, scope of selection of the subjects, and other technical issues. 

The forum selected outstanding papers from the submissions in this selection based on a principle of equity, fairness and openness. 


(Article/Photo by Xiang Jinmei)