Implement Requirements of the Party Congress and Promote the Building of Shanghai into A New Type of Wireless City
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On this morning of Oct 13, the Release Conference of the Perception Survey Report of Mobile Telecommunication Users for Shanghai Riverfront Connection Project was held at the Auditorium No.306 of Shanghai Academy. At the conference, the Perception Survey Report of Mobile Telecommunication Users of the River Front Connection Project along the Two Sides of the Huangpu River was released. According to the report, the perception of mobile telecommunication users in the surveyed riverfront areas is generally satisfactory, and the comprehensive assessment score is higher than the average score for the whole city.

This is a campaign of Shanghai ahead of the 19th Party Congress, to implement the requirements of "building Shanghai into an innovating city, a humanistic city, and an ecological friendly city" put forward by the 11th Party Congress of Shanghai, support the construction of a public space connection and open project with a total length of 45km of coastline on both sides of Huangpu River. With improving user perception as the purpose, this is an effective measure to advance the building of Shanghai into a new type wireless city.

Wen Xueguo, Executive Deputy President of Shanghai Academy, chaired the conference. Li Meng, project supervisor and research fellow of Shanghai Academy, released the report. According to the report, the overall assessment score for the perceptions of mobile telecommunication users in different area covered by the Shanghai River Front Connection Project is 100.44 points, which is generally satisfactory, and 6.77 points higher than the average assessment score of 93.67 for the whole city in 2016. The best performing area is the riverfront area in Hongkou (104.96 points), then comes the river front areas in Pudong (99.49 points points), Yangpu (99.46 points), Xuhui (99.45 points) and Huangpu (98.84 points); the assessment scores of these river front areas all exceed the overall average score in 2016.  

With strong support by governments of the districts along the Huangpu River, and concerted cooperation of all relevant entities in the telecommunication sector in Shanghai, the information infrastructure in public spaces along the two banks of the Huangpu River has become a model for the whole city, in terms of capacity level. The 45km waterfront line along the Huangpu River becomes more pleasant for walking visits, and the ubiquitous information access capability gives citizens a higher sense of obtainment. In the river front section in Hongqiao district, according to Shanghai’s general guideline for river front building, the district government innovates practices according to the actual conditions, and takes the lead in providing "Super WiFi  Love Shanghai" internet access, which provides the citizens with free gigabit WiFi access and convenience services. The average downloading rate exceeds 300M, which is a leading speed in the world. The district takes the lead in completing comprehensive utilization of river front public facilities, including effective integration of such facilities as lighting, emergency broadcasting and video monitoring facilities, and high coordination between landscape arrangement and function bearing.

It is reported that, besides Hongkou District, Pudong New Area and Yangpu District are also innovating internet access means, accelerating improvement of the information service level, and making all efforts to build a new generation of information infrastructure that matches the world level. The pilot programs of 5G access, gigabit WiFi access, and the next generation of wireless broadcasting network will also be launched. With these efforts, the water front of Huangpu River will become one of the areas with the most means of internet access, and the fastest internet access speed.

The mobile telecommunication user perception survey is a survey that is conducted from the perspective of users' actual use experience. Shanghai conducts surveys in 7 areas that are closely related to citizens' production and life in each district every year, and publishes the results at the beginning of the following year. This mobile telecommunication users perception survey for the river front connection project mainly covers the areas where the construction have been completed in the river front sections in Yangpu, Hongkou, Huangpu, Xuhui and Pudong, covering about 50% of the total riverfront coast line.


At the conference, the participating experts, including, Li Youmei, First Deputy President of Shanghai Academy, Qin Fang, Deputy Director of The First Research Institute of Telecommunication Technology, Shen Yang, senior engineer from Shanghai Urban Planning & Design Research Institute, and Gong Xuhua, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Commission of Hongkou District, based on the vision for building Shanghai into an outstanding global metropolis, conducted in-depth discussion about building of a city's information space, and the requirements for world-class river front information infrastructure. They proposed ideas and suggestions about how to effectively promote information infrastructure building for Shanghai's river front connection project. Responsible government entities at various levels, news media, telecommunication operators and relevant information infrastructure companies, relevant research institutions, and representatives from industry organizations participated in this launch conference.

(Article/Photo by Xie Nini)