9th Think Tank Lecture of Shanghai Academy: Sino-US Trade in the Global Industrial Chain
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Title: Sino-US Trade in the Global Industrial Chain

Guest speaker: Professor Wei Shangjin

Time: 16:00-18:00, October 18, 2017

Venue: Shanghai Hall, 3/F, China Financial Information Center

Sponsored by: Shanghai Academy

Undertaken by: China Financial Information Center,

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15:30-16:00 Guest sign-in

16:00-16:05 Host address

16:05-17:30 Sino-US Trade in the Global Industrial Chain

17:30-18:00 Q&A

Introduction to the guest speaker:

Wei Shangjin, Chairman of the Academic Board of Fudan-Oceanwide International School of Finance, tenured chair professor with Columbia University, and former chief economist of the Asian Development Bank.

Wei Shangjin has outstanding achievements in the academic field of international finance and trade: He has released nearly ten papers in the world’s top 5 economic journals and dozens of papers in world-class economic and financial journals; He has won all the awards in China’s economic field, and is a prestigious scholar in both the world and the Chinese economic circle. As of December 2016, he ranked 159th, or among the top 1%, on the global economists list (more than 30,000) released by the world-famous RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), and has topped the list of Chinese economists over the past decade.

Introduction to the Think Tank Lecture

The think tank lecture is a high-end academic platform sponsored by Shanghai Academy. Relying on the advantages of CASS in scientific research and national policy consulting, it takes the form of lectures and forums and aims to serve China’s reform and development strategies, and Shanghai’s innovation process. Guest speakers invited to the lecture are mainly famous scholars from both home and abroad, and relevant policy research experts from national ministries and commissions.

Introduction to Shanghai Academy:

Shanghai Academy is a research institute jointly set up by CASS and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Based in Shanghai and serving the whole country, Shanghai Academy aims to build itself into a high-end think tank, a high-end talent cultivation base, a high-end platform for international exchanges and cooperation, and a high-end national situation investigation base (“four high-end bases”) by centering on the major theories and practical issues of the socialist reform and development with Chinese characteristics and making use of the advantages of CASS in scientific research and policy consulting.

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