【Survey Report Issue 6 in 2017, No.21】Institutional Innovation Improves Market Regulatory Capability
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Institutional Innovation Improves Market Regulatory Capability




This issue of the Survey Report publishes an article entitled Institutional Innovation Improves Market Regulatory Capability. The author holds the view that comprehensive market regulation requires both integration and innovation at the institutional level to improve regulatory results. The article lists four pieces of noteworthy innovative practice, describes the challenges facing current market regulation, and gives several suggestions about how to innovate in the market regulatory mechanism. First, key aspects of law enforcement must be highlighted based on demand. Second, innovation must be introduced in smart regulation based on information. Third, the idea about co-governance must be strengthened and participation in management and regulation by a variety of players shall be encouraged. Fourth, fast inspection and simple law enforcement procedures must be popularized. Fifth, the support from equipment technologies must be intensified.