Notice of Shanghai Academy about 2017 Social Practice for Postgraduates
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Dedicated to building itself into a high-end talent cultivation base and a high-end national situation investigation base, Shanghai Academy highlights training students’ comprehensive quality in practice. To improve students’ ability in combining theories with practice and in analyzing and solving problems, Shanghai Academy, relying on the Policy Research Office of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, and based on the economic and social needs of Jiaxing, will select and send doctoral and master degree candidates to Jiaxing for field research. 

I. Date of Research

October 26-28, 2017 

II. Who Can Apply

Doctoral and master degree candidates at Shanghai Academy and the colleges in cooperation with Shanghai University

III. Themes of Research

1. Jiaxing Demonstration Area to be Comprehensively Geared up to Shanghai

Study how to respond to the Plan of China for the Development of Urban Agglomeration in the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai’s plan for the construction of the metropolitan area, and how to deepen the urban research between Jiaxing and Shanghai and advance the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.      

2. Building Jiaxing into an international quality city

Drawing on the successful experience of international quality cities (Freiburg of Germany and Yilan of Taiwan) both at home and abroad, devising the overall ideas and systematic structure for building Jiaxing into an international quality city, exploring a new path for Jiaxing to develop into an international quality city and proposing countermeasures and suggestions about how to build Jiaxing into an international quality city.

IV. How to Apply

Centering on the themes, students can write research outlines independently or in groups. Please send the application to before October 15. 

V. Others

The research will be included in the practical curriculum system of Shanghai Academy. Participants need to sign a Letter of Commitment to Safety Responsibility. During the investigation, Shanghai Academy will cover the expense of travel between Shanghai and Jiaxing, as well as hotel expense and accidental injury insurance fees. Centering on the research outline, researchers will have field research and talks in Jiaxing, and search, analyze and summarize relevant materials. After the end of the investigation, they are expected to write research reports based on the field research and material summarization. As for those who release papers in academic journals or whose investigation reports are rated as excellent, Shanghai Academy will provide relevant fund subsidies. 


Shanghai Academy

October 9, 2017