Notice of Shanghai Academy and School of Sociology and Political Science of Shanghai University on Jointly Enrolling Post-doctoral Researchers on Social Transformation Study
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Shanghai Academy and the School of Sociology and Political Science of Shanghai University will jointly enroll post-doctoral researchers on social transformation study. The details are as follows:

I. Qualifications

1. Good political and moral quality, compliance with laws and regulations, and clean record;

2. Graduates of the year who have received or will soon receive doctor’s degree;

3. Under 35 years old, excellent in character and learning, and healthy;

4. Strong scientific research ability, enterprising spirit and innovation ability, and ability to complete post-doctoral research work conscientiously;

5. Have the availability to engage in research work full-time.

II. Fields of research and tutor

1. Fields of research: social organization, governance and transformation

2. Tutor: Prof. Li Youmei

III. Number of enrollment: two     

IV. Enrollment steps

1.    Submission of application materials:

(1) Two copies of the Post-doctorate Application Form (with a two-inch bareheaded photo);

(2) Scanned copy of the PhD certificate or proof documents of passing PhD thesis defence;

(3) References from two doctoral tutors in relevant academic fields;

(4) Application subject and abstract of research plan;

(5) Diploma authentication and certificate for returned doctors planning to do post-doctoral research.

2.    Preliminary examination: we will make a preliminary examination of application materials and then notify eligible applicants for interview.

3.    Interview: unified interview with applicants who have passed preliminary examination. The admission is competitive, and the results will be given in time. The time of interview will be notified otherwise.

4. Admission and entry: applicants receiving an employment notice after the interview shall go through entry formalities and sign an employment agreement according to the national regulations.

V. Salary package

1. Annual salary between 100,000 and 150,000 yuan.

2. Corresponding housing will be provided.

3. Spouse trailing and children schooling will be provided according to relevant regulations.

VI. Assessment

The post-doctoral researchers must contribute at least three articles to Key Reference according to the requirements of Shanghai Academy.

VII. Contact Information

Contact Person of Shanghai Academy: Chen Tao


Tel: 021-56331062

Add: Room 303, Beida Building, No.149, Yanchang Road, Shanghai

Postal Code: 2000072

Contact Person of the School of Sociology and Political Science of Shanghai University: Chen Xiaohong


Tel: 021-66134142

Add: School of Sociology and Political Science of Shanghai University, No.99 Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Postal Code: 200444

Note: Shanghai Academy is a research institute jointly set up by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. As it is a non-legal person research entity in the early stage, Shanghai University acts as the legal person on its behalf.


Shanghai Academy

October 26, 2016