Recruitment Notice of 2015 Postdoctor Innovation Practice Base
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As approved by the leading Party Group of CASS, under the support of CASS Postdoctor Administrative Committee, CASS center for post-doctoral studies has established an innovation practice base in Shanghai Academy.

In 2015, Shanghai Academy proposes to recruit 5 permanent postdoctors to join the base, together with related tutors from various institutes and divisions of CASS and faculties of Shanghai University, including 3-5 permanent postdoctors from CASS and 2 permanent postdoctors from Shanghai University; Shanghai Academy will provide salaries, scientific research funds, housing, office space and other necessary conditions and guarantees.

During their tenure with the base, postdoctoral researchers must contribute at least 3 articles to the Key Reference according to the requirements of Shanghai Academy.

I. Recruitment Direction of Postdoctors

1. Research on new think-tank with Chinese characteristics

2. Research on systems and mechanisms of the innovation center for science and technology

3. Investigation and research on economic and social data

4. Modern financial research

5. Research on free trade zone 

6. Research on sustainable urban development

7. Innovative research on urban-rural integration and social governance 

8. Research on the formation mechanism of the middle class in Shanghai and Guangzhou

9. Comprehensive research on smart cities

10. Research on the construction of Shanghai generic technology R&D service system

11. Research on the “One Belt One Road” strategy of development finance

12. Research on the openness of the service industry and China’s trade earnings in the global value chain

13. Research on government supervision of cross-border e-commerce logistics

14. Research on the structure of industrial development and employment population in the Yangtze River Delta

15. Research on land system reform and urban-rural integration in Shanghai

16. Research on the development direction and path of Shanghai intelligent manufacturing whilst undergoing construction of a global center for science and technology

II. Application Process

(A) Any applicant intending to work in the base needs to submit a written application, notification of the intended postdoctoral research subject when working in the base, and other relevant materials to the Research Division of Shanghai Academy; 

(B) Shanghai Academy will organize an expert group with cooperation units, to assess postdoctoral applicants through interview, reply and other means, and to present assessment feedback.

Note: the base will accept postdoctor assessment applications in July, October and December each year, and other appropriate times.

III. Related Application Materials

(A) Application form for working in the postdoctor innovation practice base of Shanghai Academy, assessment feedback form of the postdoctor innovation practice base in Shanghai Academy, project initiation form of Shanghai Academy, and a valid identity document (such as ID card, passport or military identification);

(B) Other materials to prove his research level;

(C) Before entering the base, the postdoctor will sign a  Postdoctoral Researcher Working Agreement with Shanghai Academy, which specifies the rights and obligations of both parties, job objectives, subject requirements, working life at the station, ownership of intellectual property achievements, breach of contract penalties, etc.;

(D) After engagement at the base, the postdoctor shall discuss with his cooperative tutor and work out a Shanghai Academy Postdoctoral Researcher On-station Work Plan, containing work plans during work in the base, objectives and requirements of the target research subject, and main tasks in each stage, etc.

IV. Other Considerations

(A) The postdoctoral research station shall be responsible for personnel archives, registered permanent residence, political review, membership credentials, school enrolment of children of postdoctors working in the base. Shanghai Academy accepts no registered permanent residence or personnel archives of any postdoctor or his spouse or children;

(B) Shanghai Academy will assess and evaluate the work of postdoctoral researchers in the base at regular intervals, and shall have the right to decide whether to retain any postdoctor according to assessment results. Any postdoctor dropped out of the base must return all daily expenditure used, and make economic compensation according to the specific circumstance;

(C) Shanghai Academy shall uniformly arrange and administer the housing of postdoctors working in the base. All postdoctors must pay apartment rent on time. Pending the lease, no postdoctor may sublet or lend his apartment to others; if any postdoctor sublets or lends his apartment to others, once discovered, the apartment will be taken back. Upon the expiration of work tenure, any postdoctor shall go through checkout procedures and remove from the apartment. In the case of delay, liquidated damages shall be paid according to the occupancy agreement.

V. Contact Information 

Contact person: Chen Tao

Email:  Tel: 02156331289

Address: Room 316, Beida Building of Shanghai University, No.149, Yanchang Road, Shanghai.  

Postal code: 200072